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When was the last time you made a smoothie by mashing unripe fruit in a bowl? In the long-gone history right? Because today, blenders and food processors have put you at a lot more ease and comfort than. From public kitchens to domestic household kitchens, blenders are a must-have on the counter.  



With advancements in various other industries, the food industry has also been revolutionized. Your ordinary blender has been diversified into various types to perform different kitchen tasks efficiently.


Some of the most common types are:

  • Hand Mixer
  • Immersion Blender
  • Single-Serve Blenders
  • Portable Blenders
  • Stand Mixers


Let's dig into them to get the know-how of some of their common features and functionalities


Hand Mixer

Have you ever had an egg beater? A hand mixer is just a motored version of that. It is an ideal option for churning and mixing. It is often lightweight so you don’t get tired while working. The be

st hand mixers are manufactured by the well-known Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach.

Hand mixers come with various mixing attachments specialized for beating, mixing, and churning to produce fine results in specified areas. The beaters can easily be screwed out for easy cleaning so the maintenance is quite handy too.


Portable Blenders

As the name suggests, portable blendes are designed to be with you on the go. They have a sleek, attractive look and are the youngest member of the blender family. The container capacity ranges from a liter to a liter and a half and it is more like a tube with a base in which the motor is secured.

The motor is rechargeable so you can even make shakes in your college bus. These blenders are ideal for gym geeks who need protein shakes post workouts or mothers who need to feed the babies on the go.


Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders are more heavy-duty blenders that are often confused with hand blenders which might have a similar design but are suitable for the lighter household task. With that being said, Immersion blenders have an unconventional design. They have a stick-like body with a blending blade at the lower end and an operating button on the upper side.

They are an ideal option for blending hot liquids which often pose a threat of shattering to the pitcher of the countertop blender. They are dishwasher safe and you can directly use them in the cooking pot if you like. Otherwise, it comes along with its blending pot.


Single-Serve Blenders

Single-serve blenders commonly known as personal blenders hit the market by Ninja and Nutribullet and, since their launch, they have been immensely popular among people. They are suitable for a house of two. Most single-serve blenders are bullet-shaped with blades at the bottom.

They are one of the best blenders for processing frozen fruit and ice because of their compact body and highly strong blades. These personal blendes are a perfect fit for making pancake batters and sauces. But be careful, they are very speedy in turning everything into liquids.


Stand Mixers

Do you love to bake? If yes, then stand mixers are just the right thing for you. To get an idea, you can say they are like immersion blenders or hand blenders but a little bigger and less portable. A also, the mixing tool is more like a beater than a blade.

As they have been launched to help you make cookies and cakes, they have a bowl with a measuring scale and offer different rotating speeds. The oldest hand mixers were launched by Hobart KitchenAid and Sunbeam.



The various types of blenders specialized in their own fields have made cooking a lot easier and hassle-free. However, we recommend you to invest carefully seeing to your requirements. If you go to the gym, school, or office, a portable blender might be a useful option to invest in.

Baking requires stand mixers and hand mixers are ideal for lighter mixing and churning jobs.